(Valid from 2018.25.05)
Article 1. Protection of privacy and handling personal information
Club4 abides by the international norms in vigor concerning the protection of privacy and handlig personal information. Some information, signs or content (photographs or personal information) that members have the possibility of entering by engaging their own liability can reveal their social and ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, membership to political parties, trade union associations or organisations as well as personal information from which their health conditions or sexual life can be deduced. By entering such optional information at their own free will, the member expresses consent to Club4 to process such 'sensitive' data and takes the whole responsability.
Furthermore, personal information collected (including but not limited to: members email addresses, landline and/or mobile telephone numbers, text messages, interests and how they use the service) in compliance with law will be used both for internal communications concerning services offered by Club4.

Every user can send an email at for everything regarding privacy concerns. The user must specify his/her nickname, password and email address in order to acces his personal information and have them modified, deleted or to forbid a specific use of them by Club4, following the methods described in this article at n°1.4 ('Person in charge of handling personal information'). Each member can, at the entry or at any later time, ask to receive and then ask for free via Club4 to stop receiving the Club4 newsletter and/or promotional offers sent via mail or by phone from Club4 or its partners.
Article 1.1 Type of information collected
The personal information gathered by Club4 may include members' email address, information about their physical appearance, users' interests and how they enjoy the Service.
Furthermore, some non-personal information can be collected, such as the IP address. Club4 can use cookies whose purpose is to save the Member's identification information while visiting Club4, to prevent the Member from having to enter them manually for every page visited. By sending or entering personal information at Club4, the user accepts the methods and purposes of the processing thereof and expresses his/her consent for their use according to the provisions of this article. Club4 gathers personal information sent voluntarily by its users at the Club4 web site and binds itself not to disclose the personal information in any way.
  • While signing up to Club4 network, there will be collected the following information: nickname, email address, sex, birth date, nationality, place of residence, places where to seek contacts, personal sexual preferences; wanted sexual preferences; photos and videos;
  • If other personal information is saved in the profile, Club4 collects that information as well.
  • If personal information is entered (including but not limited to: 'sexual preference' using one of the functions of Club4 network, that information is subject to data gathering (published information).
  • If the user contacts Club4 by email, the email address and the information contained in the message will be stored
After signing up for Club4 and accessing the services, the user is no longer anonymous. A user will be anonymous if he/she visits the Website without signing up for Club4. If further information is made available in the personal Information section, it will be collected using adequate technology.
Article 1.2 Who can access this information
  • Personal data is processed electronically only, and it is handled using a computer-based authentication system. The user's information is archived in protected databases and can be accessed only by those in charge of handling them and in case of need only.
  • The personal information provided by the user during sign-up, which is not a part of his/her personal presentation will not be accessible to third parties, nor will they be transmitted, sold or exchanged, except for the cases mentioned below and provided that the user has been informed in advance and the user's consent has been obtained or in case the user has not objected expressly thereto.
  • When signing up the user gives his/her consent to transmit his/her personal information to Club4 partners and third parties, for marketing and promotional purposes. At any later time the user, if he/she prefers not to receive offers which Club4, its partners or third parties have selected and sent to him/her, the user can cancel his personal profile at the section: my account/email service.
  • Sometimes Club4 can give general social-demographic information to some of its partners anonymously to conduct statistical studies and/or promotional surveys (for age groups, sex, etc). In those cases, no information will be used to identify individual users.
  • The contents published at registration, when choosing research parameters and defining can be accessed at the Club4 site and by email (newsletter). Furthermore this information can be divulged by Club4 or other web sites or other means of electronic communication (email, text messaging, etc.) or audiovisual (radio, television, etc.) or by press (newspapers, magazines, etc.).
Please refer to the provisions of art. 1.5 "Intellectual property" as regards intellectual property rights on the contents. Members have the right to delete such content from the site at any time by terminating their contract with Club4, according to the provisions of art. 6 of Terms & Conditions. Since it concerns information available in the announcement, research criteria and the presentation of the Member, the data will be eliminated definitively only after the next time the (printed, audiovisual or digital) communication means containing the Member's contents have been updated or modified.
Article 1.3 Purpose of handling the data
  • Club4 gathers information and data in different ways and at various occasions. Some personal information is gathered when you sign up for Club4, other information is gathered while you are using Club4 services or when you participate in any other program of it, which allows you to enjoy services in a customized way and participate in various initiatives raised by Club4. This information allows us to adapt the service or the site to the needs of Members and sent them information, offers, promotional messages about the services and products that might be of interest to them. The Member will receive this information if and only if he/she has expressed interest therein. The Member can revoke his/her consent at any time, by changing his/her Club4 personal settings.
  • Furthermore, in order to offer its services and manage different payment systems including possible charges on goods and services purchased on line, Club4 uses the member's information for the following purposes: for obligation imposed by law, by regulation and by the international, American, Swiss, and European Community jurisdictions as well as directives coming from judicial authorities (es:court-ordered and police investigations, fiscal and accounting records, etc.); in order to fulfill contractual obbligations and to give technical and post sales assistace. For invoicing and charging issiues, dispatching orders and for necessities regarding other matters (such as postal dispatch communication).
Article 1.4 Person in charge of handling personal information
The person in charge of the Processing sensitive information is the company SKIB SAGL, the owner of Club4 service, headquartered in via Pobiette 11, 6928 Manno, Switzerland. The data and the Club4 are protected at the headquarters of the Person in charge of processing the information.
The Member can contact at any time, by sending an email to, the person in charge of processing the information in order to obtain confirmation whether his/her personal data exists or not, even if they haven't signed up yet and have them communicated in an intelligible way.
Furthermore, the Member has the right to request the Person in charge of processing personal information to delete his/her personal information (by that, it is meant to destroy such information without any possibility to restore it), transform it into anonymous form (changing the data into anonymous format) or to freeze the processing of their personal data (conserving the data by temporarily suspending any kind of processing).
The Member has the right to object to the handling of any personal data that concern him/her, in whole or partly, on legitimate grounds, even if they are relevant to the purpose of the collection or are used for sending advertisement, direct sales, market research purposes or commercial communication.
Article 1.5 Rights of interested parties

Right to be informed, rectification, elimination or limitation of processing of personal data of the user, right of revocation and transferability of data. Upon user's request, we will be happy to communicate in writing to you, in accordance with applicable law, if and which personal data are stored at our company. If the user is registered, he can directly view the saved data and, if necessary, modify or delete them. If, despite the efforts made by our company to ensure the security and correctness of the data, incorrect informations where saved and when the user has no way to correct them independently, we will be happy to rectify them on request.

The user can also request the limitation from the processing of personal data on our part. Furthermore, you may request the sending of data made available to our company in a structured, common and machine-readable format. You can then refuse the processing of your personal data from our society.

The user also has the right to request the deletion of his personal data, where there are no legal retention terms. We will delete the data when it will no longer be necessary for the purpose for which it was collected and processed or following the revocation of the consent provided by the user and where there are no other legal bases concerning the further processing of data. Furthermore, the data will be deleted if the processing has been carried out illegally for unknown reasons or if the user has opposed the processing and there are no legitimate priority interests for processing.

The deletion of data will also take place when we will no longer be bound by law. Our company has implemented technical measures to inform all recipients of data of any request for deletion or correction by the user. This applies in the event that such data is disclosed or made public. All links, copies and replicas of the user's personal data must be deleted.

Even if the user has given consent to the processing of his personal data, he may revoke it at any time with future effectiveness. When the consent is withdrawn, the processing of data that has already taken place does not become illegal.

Article 1.6 Intellectual property

Contents divulgated by Club4

Club4 websites, services, logos, graphics, animations, videos and texts contained at Club4 site are the intellectual property of SKIB SAGL and users and/or members can not reproduce, use or represent them in any way or modality; offenders will be subject to legal action.
All intellectual and industrial property rights protected based on copyright laws or other provisions concerning software, programs and computer systems regarding the Service, Club4's databanks, made available to the user or member in any form or format, will continue to be the exclusive property of Club4, which grants the user or member a non-exclusive, non-transferable personal end-user license in compliance with these terms and conditions. The right to use is strictly limited to the access and on-line use of Club4 site and services for private and personal uses exclusively pertaining to and during the validity of Club4 membership. Any other use is prohibited.

In particular, members or users cannot edit, copy, reproduce, download, publish, transmit, commercially make use of and/or distribute services and the content of Club4 site or the computer programming codes of the elements comprising the services and Club4 site by any means.

Contents divulgated by Members

Members bear the exclusive responsibility for contents, such as, profiles, messages divulgated and broadcast at Club4 site. By publishing or broadcasting such content at Club4 site, members authorize Club4 expressly to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, convert into digital format, extract completely or partially such content for any advertisement, marketing or any other purpose, to grant or authorize subcontracts, at Club4 site or any other partner channel of the site, on any support or by any broadcasting means, especially digital means (email, SMS, Internet, CD-Rom or DVD-Rom) or audio-visual communication (press, radio, terrestrial, digital, cable or satellite television.). The Member explicitly authorizes Club4 to modify the above mentioned content in order to comply with the site's design or other media of communication mentioned above and / or to make them compatible with its technical processes or appropriate media formats. The member cannot copy, reproduce or otherwise use the content relating to other members except for the narrow needs of using the Services for personal and private.
Members and/or users are banned from publishing or broadcasting content that may violate third-party intellectual property rights at the site or through Club4's services by any means.

Member's Obligation to Comply with 18 U.S.C. 2257 With Respect to Certain Content

You should be aware that, pursuant to federal law, any visual depictions that you post on the Site that portray actual sexually explicit conduct, depictions of the genitals or pubic area, or simulated sexually explicit activity, as such terms are defined in 18 U.S.C.$2256 (2)(A)(i)-(v) and 18 U.S.C. $2257A, require that you maintain the records required by 18 U.S.C. 2257 and must contain an "18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement". Your failure to comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. 2257 may make you subject to criminal and civil prosecution for the violation of 18 U.S.C. 2257.

The user hereby agrees and warrants that the above contents, including personal pictures, videos are posted by the user and the user is the exclusive author of the content, including photos, videos and profile, and that the use of such content by us does not infringe the rights of any third party and complies with 18 U.S.C. 2257

Club4 undertakes no obligation to publish content submitted by you or anyone else. Although we do not examine and we can not review every message and photograph or other material posted or sent by users of the Service and we are not responsible for the content of these messages or materials, we reserve the right, but assume no obligation, except as required by applicable law, to monitor, delete, move or edit messages, photographs or any of the material above, including, without limitation, announcements, profiles, public publications, photographs and messages which, in our sole discretion, we believe to violate these Terms or any guidelines applicable to the content, or are deemed otherwise unacceptable. The user is the solely responsible for the content of profiles, publications, public, photographs and any other material that the user uploads to the Service or for the users of the Service. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by other users of the Service, or assume any responsibility to carry out checks to that effect.